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Double Essence would be happy to fulfill your live entertainment needs with the following artist combinations.

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Original 21st Century Alt Folk/Rock. Solo, or with backing band or tracks.

Scott Sherman: Lead Vocal, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, drums, percussion
James Paul: Programs, keyboards


Original arrangements of rock, folk and pop from the 1960’s to 2010, performed without drums.

Scott Sherman: Vocal, guitar, bass, harmonica
Don Barber: Vocal, guitar, bass
Michael Roberts: Vocal, guitar


Garage-rock with a twist of techno. Multimedia performance art extravaganza. Unique theatrical presentations combining live music with video and audio tracks.

Scott Sherman: Vocal, guitar, programs
Schwiggy (Peter Schweigel): Vocal, bass
James Paul: Programs, keyboards


Original pop/rock drawing inspiration from the classic eras of Britpop.

Scott Sherman: Guitar, bass, vocal
Claude Kent: Vocal, guitar, drums
John Hume: Keyboards

Minds In Retreat (MIR)

Covers you’ve never heard of, haven’t heard enough, or haven’t heard recently plus originals that will open your heart and move your feet.

Scott Sherman: Vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica
Don Barber: Vocal, guitar, bass
John D. Smith: Bass, guitar, vocals
John B. Saksun: Drums, vocals
Bob Binns: Guitar, vocals
Dave Smith: Keyboards, vocals


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